With an Open Insights subscription, Graylog Small Business users get:

  • Configuration and performance assessment
  • Health module with Graylog-supported performance and configuration monitoring dashboards
  • Enterprise technical support
  • Access to customer knowledge base
  • Subscriber-only pricing for Graylog Professional Services and Graylog Academy (training)

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The Most Cost-Effective way for Graylog Small Business to:

Optimize system performance
Maximize uptime
Scale efficiently
Increase team productivity
Lower operating costs

Get the most out of Graylog

A Graylog Open Insights subscription is more than a number to call when something goes wrong. It is a commitment to:
  • product expertise
  • identify best practices and potential issues
  • help Graylog users perform at their best

Your success is our top priority

Get access to Graylog  Support, technical expertise, and knowledge base for help resolving issues.
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  • Environment Review:  Leverage Graylog for a detailed configuration and architectural technical assessment; get customized instructions from Graylog experts to improve system configuration and performance bottlenecks identified during the review.
  • Health Module:  Identify and solve problems faster with pre-built dashboards for configuration and performance monitoring;  quickly share with the Graylog Support Team everything they need to diagnose and resolve issues. 
  • Access to Enterprise-level technical support: Unlimited number of support inquiries.
  • Grow With Graylog:  Subscriber-level pricing for professional services and Graylog Academy classes; grow your team’s technical skills, get more done.

"Rapid support, very knowledgeable, dove into a complex issue on short notice and was able to find a way to resolve it."