The Other Side of Security

What will you learn?

In this new era of security, balancing your focus across people, processes, and technology, and developing cross-functional awareness is critical. In this series, Graylog experts will discuss the other side of security, sharing new perspectives on old practices that can help you uplevel your security posture.

The series includes 3 webinars (30-min each) that are moderated panel conversations.

  • Cybersecurity vs. Security Hygiene  - more info
  • Security Analytics is a Team Sport- more info
  • Threat Hunting vs Detection - more info

Key takeaways

  • Be better equipped to anticipate threats, neutralize attacks, and recover in the event of a serious data breach.
  • Uplevel your security posture and change the conversation in your organization from “Are we secure?” to confidently stating, “We are mitigating our risk.”

A Love/Hate Relationship: Cybersecurity vs. Security Hygiene


The No Silos Rule: Security Analytics Is a team sport


Techniques: The Line Between Threat Hunting & Detection

Conversation #1: View recording

Most organizations view of security tends to lean more towards cybersecurity and less towards understanding the importance of a healthy infrastructure. It’s more fun to chase the hacker, but you can't improve your visibility until you first know where you stand.

In this discussion, you'll get:

  • The value of cybersecurity and security hygiene
  • An understanding of why these two approaches are at odds
  • How changing “either/or” to “and” makes a marked difference in your security posture

Conversation #2: View recording

Successfully pairing your cybersecurity strategy and security hygiene is not foolproof, but the advantage can be in collaboration. No single tool or security concept will have a greater impact on the overall cyber landscape than working together as a team. 

In this discussion, you'll get:

  • The advantages of a collaborative approach to cybersecurity
  • Pairing people + technology for greater success
  • Examples of a collaborative approach

Conversation #3: View recording

Time to pull it together with a real-world example from our guest, threat hunter, and Graylog trainer, Adam "Abe" Abernethy. Hear of a successful security strategy, supported by a balance between cybersecurity, security hygiene, and a collaborative team. 

In this discussion, you'll get:

  • The difference between threat detection and threat hunting
  • How to think like a hacker and counter-maneuver an attack
  • Techniques for monitoring attacks and cyber threat hunting


  • Simon Huber, Senior Solution Engineer, who knows where to look for the “dirt” in your security posture. 
  • Joe Gross, Director of Solution Engineering, who the FBI once questioned for hacking into his university’s library. 
  • Jeff Darrington, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, our moderator who will fire questions at our panelists faster than your boss does the morning after you’ve been hacked… again.
  • Adam "Abe" Abernethy, Training Engineer, and Canadian threat hunter will take you on a treasure hunt.