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SIEM & Log Management Done Right.

Graylog Security is a cybersecurity solution that combines SIEM, threat intelligence, security analytics, and anomaly detection capabilities to help security professionals identify, research, and respond to threats.

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Graylog Operations is a comprehensive log management and analysis solution that helps IT and DevOps professionals centralize, search, and analyze event log data to get to the root cause of issues faster.

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What Others Are Saying

"The most powerful and flexible SIEM and centralized log management system I know"
- T-IN in the Healthcare Industry

"A scalable and affordable security analytics platform"
- Consultant in the IT Services Industry

"Best SIEM and log aggregation tool available right now: The amount of flexibility and insight into logs and operations provided by it are astounding."
- System Administrator in the IT Services Industry

About Graylog

Graylog is a game-changing cybersecurity platform that offers robust ways to protect your organization against cyber threats. Unlike complex and costly traditional SIEMs, Graylog is an easy, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution. Providing teams with tools that help them quickly detect and respond to issues, Graylog allows IT teams to deliver better performance and reliability while streamlining operations.