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Log Management & SIEM Done Right.

Graylog Operations is a comprehensive log management and analysis solution that helps IT and DevOps professionals centralize, search, and analyze event log data to get to the root cause of issues faster.

Graylog Security is a cybersecurity solution that combines SIEM, threat intelligence, security analytics, and anomaly detection capabilities to help security professionals identify, research, and respond to threats.

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About the expert

Jeff is a seasoned Graylog user from Ontario, Canada. He joined the Graylog team as the Senior Technical Marketing Manager. Jeff has extensive IT solutions deployment experience such as firewalls, networking, VOIP,  physical security controls, etc.

You can also join the Graylog Community, where thousands of Graylog users share ideas and answer technical questions.

What Others Are Saying

"Passing the logs from Microsoft and Linux devices was incredibly easy which made deployment a breeze. Since implementation we have found it to be absolutely invaluable."
- Infrastructure Analyst

"We need Graylog for day-to-day operations — to get true data on alerting, network thresholds, to know who is using our system and for what reasons."
- Security Director

"We moved to Graylog for ease of managing log data. Great for generating reports to deliver on business security and audit requirements. So easy to moving logs from Microsoft and Linux devices."
- Data Storage Engineer

About Graylog

Log Management Software & SIEM

Graylog is on a mission to make Log Management and SIEM easier, faster, more affordable, and more effective. Purpose-built by practitioners with the practitioner in mind, Graylog has focused on log management done right from the beginning. Deployed in more than 50,000 installations, Graylog provides answers to your team’s security, application, and IT infrastructure questions by enabling you to combine, enrich, correlate, query, and visualize all your log data in one place. Attend an upcoming 30-minute demo.

Log Management Software for IT and Security Professionals — Faster, Easier, Affordable.