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Graylog is dedicated to simplifying threat detection and incident response - offering affordable solutions for cybersecurity teams. The suite of tools includes SIEM, Log Management, and API Security, each with the common goal of detecting threats across various attack surfaces.

Graylog Security & Enterprise

Graylog Security is a cybersecurity solution that combines SIEM, threat intelligence, security analytics, and anomaly detection capabilities to help security professionals identify, research, and respond to threats.

Graylog Enterprise is a comprehensive log management and analysis solution that helps IT and DevOps professionals centralize, search, and analyze event log data to get to the root cause of issues faster.

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Graylog API Security

Graylog API Security provides continuous API threat detection and incident response capabilities for complete visibility into your environment, real-time monitoring for attacks, and thorough analysis of end-to-end API request and response data. 

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What Others are Saying

"The most powerful and flexible SIEM and centralized log management system I know"
- T-IN in the Healthcare Industry

"A scalable and affordable security analytics platform"
- Consultant in the IT Services Industry

"Best SIEM and log aggregation tool available right now: The amount of flexibility and insight into logs and operations provided by it are astounding."
- System Administrator in the IT Services Industry


About Graylog

Graylog elevates cybersecurity and IT operations through its comprehensive SIEM, Centralized Log Management, and API Security solutions. Graylog provides the edge in Threat Detection & Incident Response across diverse attack surfaces. The company’s unique blend of AI/ML, advanced analytics, and intuitive design makes cybersecurity smarter, not harder. Graylog is also ideal for troubleshooting daily IT performance and availability issues. Unlike competitors’ complex, costly setups, Graylog offers both power and affordability, simplifying the IT and security challenges. Founded in Hamburg, Germany, and now headquartered in Houston, Texas, Graylog solutions are deployed in more than 50,000 installations across 180 countries.